Life Challenges

Life Challenges

We encounter new challenges throughout our lives and make decisions based on past experience and what we have learned. There are occasions, however, when those experiences are not enough. You might think you know what is best for a child or that a business venture is great, but your actions, instead, can result in disaster.

With the programmed dream, you can attain the best answer any night at will. In 45 years of having all my patients, friends, and relatives program their dreams, I have not known a person to receive a wrong answer. Therefore I presume the answer is coming from the highest Source.

Over the years, I helped persons with problems related to job, career, employment, medical and surgical problems, school, relationships, where to live, decisions about buying a house, helping a child, and even how to overcome loss of a loved one.

There are special situations that arise which require us to utilize this higher Source, because failure to do so could alter our lives in a way that would be very detrimental.

Important matters such as marriage, divorce, children, career, investments, seeking employment, where to live, whether to buy a house, where to attend school, and countless more, could alter our lives in significant ways. Even matters that seem of little importance might have far more importance than we suspect.

Nearly everyone thinks they know how to rear children, but then why are there so many who do not turn out well? Some get into trouble, others fail in school, many become addicts, and others become very depressed or even psychotic. If we program a dream to receive right answers, we can avoid many mistakes.

With a programmed dream, you decide the night before that you will have a dream about a particular problem or situation and that the interpretation of the dream will tell you exactly what to do. Then you decide that you will awaken at the very end of the dream, remember it, and write it down.

Sometimes one must add an extra clause, such as, “the dream will not be upsetting.” Your words must be carefully chosen, with mathematical precision. One of my patients told me: “OK, I’ll program a dream about what I want to do about this problem.” I replied: “That’s the most irrelevant programming I ever heard. What if you want to do something foolish?”

Below are examples of how programmed dreams help people to understand and resolve many life challenges.

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Life Challenges