Conflicts with Children

Everyone knows how difficult it can be for a parent to tell a child what to do, especially if it is a teenager. They are in the process of becoming independent, and so they must be different. This is their way of saying: “That’s you over there, and this is me over here.” Get them involved in a program a dream instead. They will not receive a wrong answer, and since it comes through their own mind, they will follow it. Whatever the problem is, formulate the dream for them, and teach them how to do this themselves. Note: I have never known a person to receive a wrong answer to a carefully worded programmed dream. This way, you do not have to fight with them, and the answer they receive in their dream will be better than yours anyway.

Case History

One hospitalized teenager had a small inheritance and decided he wanted to spend it all on a fancy sports car – which would leave him without enough money to even fill the gas tank. He tried three nights and was not able to get the dream. Finally, I asked: “Do you suppose it’s because you are afraid you will get an answer you do not want to hear?” “That’s exactly what it is,” he replied. Then we changed the wording to, “I will have a dream about which car to select that will work out best!” He woke up with the answer to get the cheaper car, and had no conflict about doing so, because it came through his own mind.

I now add that last clause, that will work out best, to all programmed dreams for teenagers and others who have a conflict about getting an answer they think they might not want to hear.

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