Life-Style and Career Decisions,
including Where to Live, What School to Attend,
Marriage, Problems with Children,
and One’s Purpose in Life

The programmed dream works well for any of these issues, and about any problem or choice you have to make.

Case History

One lady really wanted to teach school but didn’t have enough college credits to get the teacher’s certificate. I told her, “No problem, I’ll write the dream.” I wrote: “I will have a dream about teaching school, and the interpretation of the dream will tell me exactly what to do.” She didn’t remember the dream, but, the next morning, she decided to go for a walk. She walked into a neighborhood where she had never been, saw a woman washing windows outside a house, recognized her as an old friend of her mother, introduced herself, and the lady invited her in for tea. While they sipped tea, the lady said to her: “You’ll never guess what I do. I’m teaching school. I didn’t have enough college credits to get the teachers certificate, so I’m teaching at a Catholic school where it is not necessary.” This happens often, and it results from the programmed dream.

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