Loss and Grief

In more than 45 years of having persons resolve problems during sleep, I have had hundreds of people resolve feelings of loss and grief. Sometimes this is very dramatic. Since we also program that the dream will not be upsetting, I have not known persons to become upset by the dream. Sometimes, in a programmed dream, a deceased person just makes a joke out of it; other times, the grieving person is comforted and assured that everything is OK; and, at other times, people maintain enjoyable conversations with their lost loved ones. Children who have lost a mother might have visits from her on alternate nights and receive guidance from her, far beyond what she could do when she was alive.

Case History

One woman was devastated at the death of her fiancée. She began programming dreams about him and continued visiting with him because she really enjoyed their visits.

Another woman, whose 21 year old son was shot and killed, had several programmed dreams about him which were comforting. In the last one, the two of them were sitting on the grave site, laughing and talking and having the best time of their lives. Throughout their conversation, he kept saying, “Don’t worry about me, Mom, I’m OK!” She felt happy and relieved afterward and was overjoyed when she reported her experience.

Two young children, ages four and nine, prospered greatly, as their mother, who had died, took turns visiting each on alternate nights. I had told the four-year-old, “Mommy will visit you tonight during sleep, and she will take away all your upset feelings,” and I told the nine-year-old, “Mommy will visit you in a dream tonight and take away all your upset feelings.” Both were very comforted and received excellent guidance through her visits. After the second night, the younger one awakened his father, led him to the laundry room, pointed to the washing machine and said, “Mommy said you have to take the clothes out of there and put them in over there,” pointing to the dryer! The older one awakened the father in the middle of the night, bringing him the portable phone, and telling him, “Mommy wants to talk to you.” Then she said, “Tell Dr. Clancy, ‘Thank you.’ ” Note: only her mother referred to me as Dr. Clancy. Then she said: “Tell him to get those letters out; they are very important.” The letters were to US Senators and Congressmen, but had she been in an enlightened state, she would have said, “Don’t bother sending out those letters; they will never reach their destination.” This source of information is useful and informative at times, but is not as enlightened as that gathered through a “programmed” dream, which is never wrong, and presumably comes through a higher Source.

Each response is different. Sometimes the deceased make light of their passing. One young man, whose wife was killed in a car crash, didn’t know what he would do without her. She used to shop for a new wardrobe practically every week, and, in his dream, her response to him was, “You can open Judy’s Boutique.”

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