Marital Conflict

The quickest “home remedy” is the programmed dream. This will give the very best answer each time, as long as the persons formulate the programming with great precision. This is not difficult to learn. Whatever insight one person gets will be the same as the other person receives during sleep.

Case History

One man struggled to support his wife and three adult children on one meager salary. If he asked the children to contribute, she felt hurt that he would ask them for money. The three children were from her previous marriage, and for him to ask them to contribute made her feel like he was rejecting her. Furthermore, each child would argue about who contributed the most and this would stir up more bad feelings. Finally, she told him, “Just don’t tell them how much to give!” I had him program a dream that would tell him exactly what to do.

In the dream, he had a metal lockbox with two keys. He cut a slit in the top of the box through which they would drop their money. Then, in the dream, he sat the family down to discuss how five adults could not survive on one meagre salary, and he asked each to contribute whatever he thought was a fair share. No one would know what the other gave. He gave his wife both keys, and, at the end of the week, she was to open the box, take the money, and go grocery shopping. All issues were resolved with that one dream.

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