Medical Problems, including Cancer Treatment
and Surgical Decisions

These decisions usually are made best with a carefully designed dream, since I have not known one to be wrong.

Case History

The internal medical specialist at a psychiatric hospital wanted to send one of my patients to a medical facility because he thought she either had a heart attack or a kidney infection. He agreed to wait until the next morning, and I told the patient she had better have a dream that will tell her exactly what the problem is and what is causing it. She also programmed that I would be able to interpret her dream. In the dream, she and her husband were driving along a winding road where they should not have gone. It began to snow. The snow got deeper and deeper, and the car veered off the road and was covered with snow. Just beyond where the car ran off the road, the road came to a dead end. Another road went off at a right angle into another road at a right angle into another road at a right angle. Fortunately, she programmed that I would be able to interpret the dream. I immediately saw this as a road map of the intestinal tract, with an obstruction at the ileocecal junction: the winding road was the small intestine, the dead end was the cecum, and the three right angles were the ascending, transverse, and descending colons.

Then, in her dream, her husband said, “I have to cut off the engine.” The first thing one does for an intestinal obstruction is shut off the food intake (the fuel supply). Then five or ten people came from the city to dig them out. I didn’t know if that represented surgery or laying on of hands. When they were dug out, they were OK, but the three teenage children were gone. This was her wish to have more of her husband’s attention, and likely led to the obstruction.

This was a surgical emergency, so I transferred her immediately to a surgical hospital where they confirmed the diagnosis and scheduled surgery for the next morning. I told her she had better have another dream that would tell her exactly what to do. Otherwise, they would be cutting her open. That night in her dream, a tall, dark-complexioned man wearing a turban was massaging her abdomen. When she awoke, the obstruction was gone! All this is hospital data recorded in the charts.

Sometimes a person goes against a programmed dream, and this is a mistake. One man said his surgeon wanted to operate on his back. I wrote the dream: “I will have a dream about the back problem and the interpretation of the dream will tell me exactly what to do.” In his dream he had the surgery, after which the pain was ten times worse. I told him, “That tells you what not to do.” He had the surgery, and, three months, later he returned with pain that was ten times worse. I wrote another dream to find out what he should do next. When he returned the next month, I asked about that dream, and he said it wasn’t like a dream. He woke up with one word, “sue,” He would not have had that dream if a law suit would not be successful. I have never known a programmed dream to be wrong.

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