Physical Ailments

Many medical problems are resolved with programmed dreams. Treatment for many ot these problems are not yet known in medicine or surgery, such as: a new treatment for gall bladder disease, the cause of Raynaud’s disorder, cause and treatment of transverse myelitis, finding correct approach for a specific heart condition, decisions about surgery, cancer, pregnancy, allergy, intestinal obstruction, kidney stones, and decisions about any proposed surgical or medical intervention. You receive the best answer for any problem with a programmed dream.

Case History

Let’s take Raynaud’s disease, where the hands turn purple, and it is very painful. The cause is not known in medicine, but that’s no problem for the programmed dream. A young lady came into my office with severe Raynaud’s disorder. I wrote the dream for her that would tell her exactly what was causing it. In her dream, she was chasing the maid around the house, and then outside where she was banging the maid’s head into the blacktop driveway. Then, in her dream, the face of the maid changed to the face of her younger sister. She used to chase her younger sister around the house because she thought her younger sister was her father’s favorite. She grew to love her younger sister, however, and that part of her mind simply shut off the blood supply to her hands when the earlier developmental part of her mind wanted to harm her sister. The mind can do this. Dr. Elmer Green, a biofeedback expert, had tested Swami Rama and found he was able to make the ulnar distribution of his hand ten degrees warmer than the radial distribution, and then reverse this at will. Next, I treated a nun with Raynaud’s disorder, and her dream told us the origin was sexual desires that to her were taboo, and which caused her to shut off the blood supply. Then, a social worker brought in a third patient with the same disorder. I explained the former two cases, and she chuckled. The disorder started after the patient was raped, and the affected area was on the inner aspect of her thighs! These things are not known in medicine, but that’s no problem for a programmed dream.

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