Counseling can be helpful in many instances, but sometimes a brief consultation can start you on the right path or direct you to the particular approach that would be most helpful for you. programmed dreams provide the best answer for what you should do about any relationship – if the question is formulated with precision.

Case History

One social worker at a university came in crying about a boyfriend who was treating her very mean. She was totally devastated because she loved him, and he was just being cruel. I told her, “No problem. I’ll write the dream.” I wrote: “I will have a dream about the relationship with John, and the interpretation of the dream will tell me exactly what to do.” When I saw her the next month and asked her about the dream, she said it wasn’t like a dream. It was just an evil demonic sounding voice saying, “It doesn’t matter what you do. You’re gonna die anyway!” That dream worked better than anything else could have. She dropped him like a hot potato, met the love of her life, and was in pure ecstasy! The Lord sometimes will use the evil one to achieve a quick response for His purpose. This was perfect!

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