Anxiety, Phobias and Panic Attacks

The origin of anxiety disorders can be very early, but mostly during the oedipal stage of development. Recently, through a programmed dream, we have learned that panic attacks, in which the person is terrified of not being able to breathe, can be caused by not being able to breathe when the mother is holding the baby too close while breast feeding – and, perhaps, even falling asleep during the process. This will be explained further in the articles on Programmed Dreams.

Phobias can relate to something that frightens a very young child and, then, is reactivated by a similar experience later in life which results in experiencing the earlier intense fear. Castration anxieties are treated most effectively with psychoanalysis, but I recall one that was cured with one programmed dream instead. A woman referred her husband to me because he was practically paralyzed by extreme anxiety. I told him: “No problem, I will write the dream:” I wrote: “I will have a dream about the anxiety, and the dream itself will cure it. I will awaken at the very end of the dream, remember it, and write it down.” The next morning his wife called and asked: “What on earth did you do in one hour to cure his life-long anxiety?”

I didn’t know because I hadn’t seen him to ask. When he did come in, he told me the dream: He and his cousin, both about age five, were dressed in Eton suits (black with bow tie and short pants). They were riding down an escalator into a department store. At the bottom of the escalator was a horrible monster whom the child feared would kill him. Of course, the Eton suits represented what children in the oedipal stage might wear, the friend represented a spare (reducing the castration anxiety), the escalator was an entranceway to the mother – who was represented by the department store full of goodies, and the monster was the father whom he feared because of his oedipal wishes toward his mother.

As he approached the bottom of the escalator he was terrified of being killed by the monster, but when he reached the bottom, he realized the monster was just a friendly guy who wanted to play and dance and have fun – and he knew it. Thus the terror of being killed by the monster – whose woman he desired – was immediately erased, and his extreme anxiety disappeared with it.

Treatment Protocol for Anxiety, Phobias and Panic Attacks

The Programmed Dream is one of the most powerful techniques I ever have used. In 46 years of having all my patients, friends and relatives program their dreams, I have not known a person to get a wrong answer. This tells me the answers are coming from a higher Source, but the wording for the dream must be precise.

For example, I told one man I would write a programmed dream that would tell him what he should do about a certain problem. His reply was “OK, I’ll have a dream about what I want to do about the problem,” to which I replied, “That’s the most irrelevant programming I ever heard. What if you want to do something foolish?”

The development of a programmed dream is enhanced by a trusting relationship between a therapist and a patient, as well as the ability of the therapist to discern the patient’s core problem and to convey to the patient a deep faith that the patient will get the answer needed to resolve the problem. The wording and content of each programmed dream is precise and unique for each individual.

Case History

One elderly woman wanted to travel to China, but she had a fear of heights and was afraid she might be given a room on the tenth floor of some hotel there. I wrote the dream: “I will have a dream about my fear of heights, and the interpretation of the dream will tell me exactly what to do.” In all her dreams she saw herself in one story buildings. She complained that she wasn’t getting an answer. I told her she was getting the answer every night. What she should do is just go into one story buildings. Disgusted by that solution she said: “Humph! I don’t want to know what to do about it, I want to know what to do to get over my fear of heights.” She programmed that dream and the answer was every day one step higher.

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