Alcohol, Prescribed and Street Drugs,
Addictive Behaviors

Addictions have their origins in unrecognized early separation traumas, and they represent a partial return to infant-on-the-breast mind/brain/reality in which the user takes in the abusive substance until he passes out. This is easily recognized in the alcoholic who drinks until the belly is full and passes out. It is a matter of returning partially to the original comfort with mother. In Russia, women were permitted to stay home with the baby for the first four months, but then received progressively less stipend until 24 months – at which time, they were forced to return to work. In some villages, two-thirds of the babies became alcoholic.

Treatment Protocol for Addictions

An unrecognized but critical element in recovery from addictions is separation from original nuclear family because contact fosters a parent-to-infant relationship and helps perpetuate the addictive behavior. It draws them back into infancy, where there is a tendency to put something in the mouth to feel good. I asked the owner of ten alcoholic treatment centers, in the northeastern sector of the United States, what happens when a recovered alcoholic returns home to live with original nuclear family. He chuckled and answered unhesitatingly, “He goes right back on the bottle.”

Separating from family, combined with the 12-step program is a solid approach. Spiritual growth, programmed dreams, and avoiding people, places, and things that draw one back into the addiction are critically important to overcoming a shift back into a comfort zone from infancy.

One man struggled for a long time to overcome his drinking but was unable to do so. Finally, as he was about to pull the trigger, he mentally heard: “All you have to do is stop drinking.” Stopping alcohol intake is just the beginning of the recovery process. Sometimes, hearing from the higher Self, can transform lives. The programmed dream can also put us in touch with that higher Self.

No one questions the alcohol dependent’s need to separate from the bottle, but the separation from family might be one of the most important steps toward achieving this. The same holds true for drug dependence. Like the treatment for all psychotic disorders, which also are a partial return to infant mind/brain/reality, separation from original nuclear family is primary for achieving full recovery. Usually this requires a number of years of separation until the person is completely stable.

Case History

One patient who was alcohol dependent, lived with his mother and his wife and three children. In 1990, he took a vacation with his wife and children to Puerto Rico. There he managed to control his alcohol dependent condition. Upon returning home, he was back on the bottle once more. His mother went on a two-week vacation, and he stopped drinking. When she returned, his infant needs were reactivated again, and he immediately started drinking once more.

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