Bipolar Disorder

While most physicians are trained to use massive doses of neuroleptic medication, the most effective modality for a cure is through a complete, total separation and disassociation from original nuclear family – for a period of time, because contact with original family fosters the parent-to-infant relationship and keeps the patient locked into the infant mind and brain. This does not mean the family did something wrong. Usually the patient is sent to me while on high doses of neuroleptic medications. I prescribe purified, distilled fish oil daily and begin with very gradual reduction of medication.

The alternative setting for recovery is different for each patient, depending on need.

Case History

One patient had been diagnosed as having bipolar disorder and had been hospitalized each year for ten years. He had a classic bipolar I disorder, mixed type, and he had been on Lithium and Thorazine for ten years. During his last two years of hospitalization, in addition to starting with medication and psychotherapy, he was encouraged to make a complete separation from his original family. As he recovered, all medications were tapered and discontinued. He began dressing the way he did in college and acting like a college student again. The changes were striking. After hospitalization, he moved into his own apartment and found a job working at a courthouse. He bought a car, had a girlfriend, and worked successfully at his job for two years – all with no medication.

On three occasions over the two year period of treatment, he exhibited a sudden, partial shift to the hopeless, depressed reality/feelings – which lasted only until the next interpretation. Each time, it was interpreted that the shift could not have taken place without contact with his family, and, each time, he acknowledged a phone call to his family prior to the acute symptoms. Recognition of the dynamics immediately restored the sense of well-being.

After two years of total freedom from bipolar illness and from medications, he decided to keep an insurance check that was intended for therapy, and he did not return. This time, when he contacted his mother, he reestablished the relationship with her and rapidly deteriorated to his former level of dysfunction. For the subsequent 12 years, he was hospitalized almost annually, lived in halfway houses, and took massive doses of medications. According to his doctor, he had a chemical imbalance and had to take the medication for the rest of his life. The toxic chemicals did nothing to cure him; they only deadened his mind and brain. When he maintained his separation, he had no “chemical imbalance,” and he functioned very well without medication.

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