The earliest origin of schizophrenia is with the catatonic type – the cause of which remains a mystery to the entire field. All this takes to understand is to ask one simple question and make one simple observation: When is it during our life cycle that we hold one posture for long periods of time, and then suddenly erupt in a violent thrusting motion of the body as if in a life and death struggle?

Obviously this is in utero, coupled with a very difficult, near death experience exiting the birth canal. The observation that confirms the first one is the fact that in the year 1900, catatonic schizophrenia represented 9% of all schizophrenia, and now it represents between one and two percent. The reason? Modern obstetrics, with far fewer near-death experiences exiting the birth canal. An additional finding is the increased incidence in undeveloped countries, where there is a lack of modern obstetrics.

I had one veteran whose onset began when he was playing pool with another soldier, when for some reason the other person hit him in the head with the butt end of the pool stick. Early in my treatment of him, while he was living in a boarding home, he went into the catatonic excitement phase and broke the front door by running through it head first.

Case History of another type of schizophrenia

One patient, very early in my practice, was a high school senior who was told by a psychiatrist that she had schizophrenia, she would never be able to finish high school, and she would have to take medication for the rest of her life. I put her in the hospital and noticed that she regressed every time the parents visited. I cancelled their visiting privileges, she continued to improve, and finally I discharged her to a commune but did not let the family know where she was. I wanted to keep her well, and it was obvious that, with any contact, she reverted back to infant mind/brain/reality. In three months, not only did she require no medication, but she was awarded her GED degree – which was a high school diploma!

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